Omachi is Producible Omachi is Producible


Only Omachi can create


Resonac Graphite Japan's eco-conscious hydroelectric power plant is located in the scenic city of Omachi, Nagano.

The strong support of the local community, along with the region's abundant water resources and natural surroundings, enables us to fulfill our dedication to producing and delivering top-quality graphite electrodes.

A Valuable Product A Valuable Product


A Valuable Product


The recycling of steel through electric arc furnaces are known for their energy efficient and environmentally friendly nature, but demands superior-grade graphite electrodes capable of withstanding challenging operational conditions.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, large-diameter products that can do just that.

Our core technology for manufacturing PIN electrodes remains exclusive to our Omachi plant in Japan, serving as the source of technical expertise for our six other factories worldwide.

From Omachi to the World From Omachi to the World


From Omachi to the World


The Resonac Group's graphite electrode business boasts exceptional supply capabilities, placing us as the top supplier in both Japanese and global markets.

With our high-quality, large-diameter electrodes, we have established sales and technical service networks across three regions worldwide (Asia, South America, and Europe-Middle East-Africa), enabling unparalleled product and service provision to over 1,600 clients around the world.

Our ability to sell graphite electrodes to Asia, as well as supply PIN electrodes to other global locations, have helped solidify our global presence and influence.


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